05 Feb #ShareTheLove Letter by Linda V.

Fellow Women Entrepreneurs,

Valentines, chocolate, entrepreneurship – really? Have you ever tried to eat chocolates while typing? You’re careful but a couple keys feel sticky. Then you see a smidgen of caramel under the g key and make it worse trying to get it out. Or a chocolate flake lands on the document for a client you want to impress, leaving a tell-tale smear when you try to brush it away.

I bought myself chocolates envisioning eating them while luxuriating in a bath. What was I thinking? Luxuriating is not part of an entrepreneur’s reality. No, we lead lives of adventure and mystery.

We prospect for clients, problem solve, network and build relationships. None of these is easy. The challenge/adventure is part of the entrepreneur’s reward. Mystery we face constantly. What client/project is next? How will I pay my next bill? So many possibilities and opportunities.

Entrepreneurship is more than the work we do. Our business is an extension of who we are. We do what we love and success is its magic. I am always learning and it is never boring!

So, I celebrate my love of entrepreneurship and thank you at Vendeve and everywhere for sharing my passion. May your adventures be worthwhile, your mysteries intriguing, and may you feel love’s magic when things come together just as they should.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Linda V.
London, Canada


This letter was written as part of Operation #ShareTheLove, an initiative by Vendeve.com with the goal of sharing the love of entrepreneurship and encouraging women entrepreneurs everywhere. For more information or to participate, visit www.vendeve.com/sharethelove.

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